Travel to Africa: How Can You Make it Unforgettable and Worthwhile?

Africa is for sure the ultimate destination for all those travel enthusiasts out there. The continent is not only blessed with a multitude of floras and faunas, others are even extinct and can only be seen in there, but Africa certainly satisfies the heart of those who love the extreme and hunger for enthralling escapades and adventures. The idea alone of traveling a continent wherein its member countries are mostly undeveloped with a kind of culture that is very far from your own is absolutely exciting and at the same … Read More

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Start your planning with us and we’ll make sure you have an unforgettable Tanzania vacation and/or an amazing Tanzania Safari. We have compiled everything you need to research, plan, schedule and enjoy your Tanzania vacation. Benefit from our experience and the experiences of our past clients. Read their unvarished reviews of the locations in Places 2 Go and the activities in Things 2 Do and People 2 Meet. Tanzania Vacation Checklist: Read/Print Tanzania Visa Information Print the Packing List Read/Print the Medical Tips Read/Print the Travel Tips Familiarize yourself with how to book … Read More

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